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  • Our website is offering Free Riot Points Codes in two different ways. We are not like any other website services that provides Riot Codes for free. Our way is unique and works perfectly!
  • If you are wondering what are the two different ways that we mentioned of getting Free Riot Points Codes (Free RP Codes), we are going to tell you right below.
  • - The first way is participation.

    Participate into our Giveaways for a chance to win Free Riot Points Codes. That's all. We will only need your Name and Email so we can contact you back if you are the future winner!
    You will need to be active fan of our Facebook Page, in order to participate. We have so many likes until now and we truly appreciate your help. Let's use this opportunity to thank to every fan of our Facebook Page for the support.
  • - The second way is survey.

    Yes, we are aware that some people don't really like wasting their time, trying to complete one short survey. But this is the only possible way to provide Riot Points Codes without any kind of payment processor. Some surveys are free, some surveys are paid. If you didn't knew, we do get some profit out of it. All the profit that we get is used to buy more Riot Points Codes. Simple theory.
  • - Beware of Fake/Scam websites.

    Going through the web, our small team figured that there's plenty of fake/scam websites that gives nothing in return. Even tho they promise Riot Points Codes in return, they will give you something random such as ".txt" file or nothing. We are going to create a blacklist of all Riot Codes Giveaway - Scam websites and fan pages. Although we could use your help too. If you want, please report fake/scam websites to us. We will take care of them and put them on a blacklist.

Choose One Option and Get Free Riot Points Codes

  • You can either participate for a chance to win a Free Riot Points Code (RP's) or you can complete a short survey and get the code instantly and directly!
  • So, you could spend some time trying to complete a survey and get your Riot Points Code, or you can participate and test your luck each week. Keep in mind that participations are only accepted, when we announce Giveaway on our Riot Points Codes Facebook Fan Page .
  • Each monday all submits reset to zero. That means that all previous entries are instantly pruned.